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The VIP Viewer Software

CDWelcome to the VIP Viewer software description. This narrative gives a few highlights about the software's capabilities, installation tips, and computer platform requirements. The software comes free of charge when you order the VIP Data Logger or can be downloaded at any time. Following an event, recorded data is downloaded from the VIP into a Personal Computer (PC) and is then plotted to a stripchart display. A number utilities exist which gives the user the ability to evaluate the data and determine whether or not the rider is fully utilizing the vehicles potential. Data can be inspected using histograms, zooming, and comparing two events. Data can be also be saved or sent to a printer.

Click the links below to see some examples of how the events are displayed.

The Software Downloads VIP Data
DownloadThe VIP is plugged into a personal computer following a race or practice event. The user starts the VIP Viewer software and then clicks the "Download" button and within a few seconds, the event data is plotted on two stripchart displays. Click Software Tips to view other stripchart examples. Get ready for fast download times, a 20 minute event downloads in about 4 seconds.

Provides Quick And Easy Viewing Of The Event
MagGlassThe stripchart controls offer the following options:

  • Zooming
  • Scrolling
  • Data sliding to line up and compare data from two separate events
  • Events plotted with "sample points" or as a continuous line
  • Stripchart resizing
  • User comments added to the chart
  • Any data product can be plotted to any of the four charts

Archives Events For Future Retrieval
Downloaded events can be saved and then viewed in the future. The Archives feature plots previously saved events from either one file or it can overlay data from two files. Overlaying data gives the user an opportunity to compare two separate events. When comparing two events, the "Slide Data" option allows the data from one event to slide along the x-axis, either to the left or to the right, to facilitate a more accurate comparison.

Prints The Event
The print task sends the stripchart graphics to the PC's active printer. Printing can be activated Printerwhen viewing newly downloaded or previously saved events.


Software Installation Tip
StarBefore installing a new version of the VIP Viewer software, always remember to...

  • Uninstall any previous version of the VIP Viewer software.
  • Restart your PC.

Personal Computer Requirements
Operating system: Microsoft: Windows 98SE, ME, NT, 2000, XP, Vista 32, Vista 64, Windows 7. Hardware: Pentium II or greater running Computerat 500MHz (the faster, the better). Memory: 128Mbytes or greater.

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