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The VIP-5 is new for the 2012 race season and features 20% faster downloads when compared with the last year's VIP-4.

The VIP-5 and the VIP-4 record the following at 100 samples/sec

  • Engine RPM
  • Track-Shaft RPM
  • Throttle Position
  • Auxilliary (0 to 5 Volt user defined input)

and record the following at 25 samples/sec

  • Coolant Temperature
  • Exhaust Gas Temperature




Kirk Hibbert - Team Arctic
"We have recorded Sno Pro sled data using the VIP Data Logger since 2005. The VIP has been a valuable tool in helping us evaluate rider techniques, clutch behavior, and the effects of pipe temperature as they relate to overall sled performance. We look forward to using the VIP to assist us with sled tuning during the 2011/2012 snocross season and consider the VIP to be an important part of Team Arctic's continued success."

The VIP...It's Plug-And-Play!
After purchasing the VIP, there is nothing left to buy, no cabling, no connectors, no batteries, and no sensors, it is truly a plug-and-play solution. Even the VIP Viewer Software is included at no additional charge. The VIP is extremely easy to use; just pull it out of the box and plug it into the sled’s existing mating connector. It is small and light-weight, it fits into the palm of your hand and weighs only 2 ounces.
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VIP Overview
The sled's clutch behavior and exhaust pipe temperature are critical factors in determining an Arctic Cat SnoPro's peak performance. The VIP records engine RPM, trackshaft RPM, throttle position, and exhaust gas temperature. An additional input is available to monitor the exhaust servo valve position. It is the responsibility of the user to add this signal to the sled's VIP mating connector. This data enables the race team to monitor running characteristics such as clutch engagement, ramp-up, and rollover. In addition, the exhaust pipe temperature readings show if the pipe is "up to temp" before and during the race.

Recorded sled data has multiple benefits, not only can it show what your sled is doing, it can tell you how your driver is performing. Verbal exchanges between the tuner and the driver are now supported and clarified with hard data.

The VIP Viewer software installation process now automatically loads the USB drivers!

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The VIP Viewer software displays logged data... read more >

Software Features ...


Engine RPM Histogram

The new VIP Viewer software now creates an engine RPM histogram. The histogram shows what percentage of time the engine is being operated in certain RPM ranges. read more>

New Zooming Feature

You can now zoom in on any portion of the stripchart event by pressing the Control Key and using the mouse to draw a box around the data. read more>

Time Cursors

Two cursors can be placed on the stripchart to make time difference measurements. read more>

Multiple Storage Folders

Data logger files can be saved to one of five different folders. read more>







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