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Inside/Outside Times

Inside/outside times are measurements to help determine the fastest line in a given area of the race track. These tests focused on whether the outside line or the inside line around the same corner would result in faster times. After participating in these these tests, it became clear that nearly every part of the track can be "dialed in" to produce minimum lap times. read more>

Coolant Temperature Measurements

We performed coolant temperature measurements on a 2008 CRF250R. Our measurements showed maximum coolant temperatures of about 180 degrees F with an outside ambient air temperature of 95 degrees F during a 4 minute practice session. A second test showed that for an outside ambient air temperature of 70 degrees F, the coolant temperature reached 162 degrees F during a 10 minute practice session. read more>

Engine RPM Measurements

The rider's control of the throttle has a large effect in dictating a smooth delivery of power to the rear wheel. Mark Blackwell taught his students to steadily roll on the throttle (rather than snapping the wrist) for smooth and controlled acceleration. This riding style can be studied by examining the engine RPM, rear wheel speed, and the resulting lap times.

We studied holeshot times (elapsed time from the gate drop to the first corner) with respect to the RPM range where the rider shifted gears. We saw a direct correlation between short holeshot times and operating the engine in the sweet spot of the RPM versus horsepower curve. read more>

Start Gate Response Time

At Durtronix, we've been measuring the time between the starting gate pin release and the moment when the rear wheel of the motorcycle begins to turn. We call this "Start Gate Response Time." Our measurements were made with the Firefly IR Transmitter, The Race Gate from Risk Racing (www.riskracing.com), and the VIP Data Logger. Our measurements show that proper body position, gear choice, and extended practice make significant reductions in Start Gate Response Time. read more>

Holeshot Time Measurements

We performed holeshot experiments with a 2008 CRF250R in first and second gears. We also tried different rider positions. We learned that keeping the bike in a certain RPM range resulted in better holeshot times. read more>



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