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VIP For Motorcycles:

  • Sample rate of instrumented signals:
          Engine RPM: 25 Hz.
          Rear Wheel Speed: 25 Hz.
          Lap Timer: 100 Hz.
          Coolant Temperature: 2.5 Hz.
  • Maximum recording time: 80 minutes.
  • VIP-to-computer data rate: 1 Megabit/second sustained (this facilitates fast download times on the order of 8 seconds for a 40 minute event).
  • Power source: Internal lithium ion battery which is charged when the VIP is plugged into a computer.
  • Weight: 2.5 oz.
  • Dimensions: length = 3.5 in., width = 1.5 in., height = 0.75 in.
  • VIP-to-PC connector: USB type B miniature.
  • Case material: ABS plastic.
  • Electromagnetic shielding: Case interior coated with silver-coated copper paint.

Firefly Infrared Transmitter :

  • Power Levels: 2.
  • Transmit range in power level 1: 40 feet*.
  • Transmit range in power level 2: 60 feet*.
  • Transmit channels: 6**
  • Weight (with four size AA batteries installed): 4.9 oz
  • Power source: Four size AA 1.5 volt batteries.
  • Continuous operating time before batteries run down***:
          Operating in LOW power level: 16 hours.
          Operating in HIGH power level: 4 hours.

* Firefly infrared transmitter range depends on ambient light interference. A Bright low (close to the horizin) sun and thick foliage reduces the ability of the VIP to receive Firefly IR signals. The range estimates are given with the sun high in the sky, mid summer, 12PM noon, and a few scattered trees within 100 feet of the Firefly unit.

**The six Channels represent six unique coded light waveforms. Each of these codes are uniquely recognized by the VIP Data Logger.

***Assumes each battery cell has a capacity of 1500 milliamp-hours. The is standard for Nickel-Metal-Hydride AA 1.5 rechargeable cells.

Firefly Infrared Detector:

  • Detection capability: Detects all six Firefly Infrared Transmitter codes with the push of a button. Identical Infrared receiving element that the VIP Data Logger uses.
  • Power source: Watch-style battery.
  • Approximate operating time before battery runs down: 5 years.
  • Weight (with battery installed): 1.4 oz.

Rear Wheel Speed Sensor:

  • Sensing type: Rare-earth magnet with built-in detector.
  • Maximum distance from sensor to brake rotor face: 2 mm.
  • Weight: 3.2 oz.

Engine RPM Sensor:

  • Sensing type: Toroid transformer with closing latch
  • Weight (including cabling and connector): 1.4 oz.

Coolant Temperature Sensor:

  • Sensing type: Negative temperature coefficient resistor.
  • Weight (including cabling and connector): 1.4 oz.

Y-Cable (this cable mates the sensors up with the VIP):

  • Weight: 1.4 oz

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