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The Firefly Infrared Transmitter

The Firefly Infrared (IR) Transmitter emits a beam of coded light energy that is detected by the VIP Data Logger. In a simple lap timer mode, a Firefly Transmitter is positioned at track-side and each time the bike passes through the transmitted light beam, the VIP Data Logger records the lap time. In the split timing mode, the Firefly can be programmed to emit one of six unique codes. This means that up to six Firefly IR Transmitters can be setup around the track to measure split times. An example is measuring holeshot times. This can be accomplished by setting up two Firefly Transmitters to operate on different channels. The first transmitter is positioned at the starting line and a second transmitter at the first corner. When the motorcycle passes through each beam, the code emitted by the each transmitter is uniquely recognized by the VIP. Upon downloading and plotting the event, a cursor is used to measure the difference between the two time marks. The Firefly IR Transmitter mounts to a standard camera tripod.



The Firefly Infrared Transmitter - Race Gate Ready

The Firefly Infrared IR Transmitter is available in a version that does everything the standard model does plus it fully supports the Holeshot starting gate from Risk Racing (www.riskracing.com). Take this Firefly, set it up on a tripod a few feet away from the bike, and connect it to the Race Gate using the Race Gate-To-Firefly Transmitter Cable. When the Race Gate pin is pulled, the Firefly turns on and signals the VIP Data Logger. The VIP then records a time mark in the data. This time marking of the gate drop can assist you in two ways: First, it can be used together with the Rear Wheel Speed Sensor to measure start gate response times and second, it can be used with a second Firefly positioned at the first corner to measure hole shot times. In all cases these time measurements have a resolution of 1/100th of a second.

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The Race Gate-To-Firefly Transmitter Cable

Race Gate-To-Firefly Transmitter Cable is used to connect the Firefly IR Transmitter (Race Gate ready version) to the Holeshot Race Gate available from Risk Racing. It has a 10 foot length which is necessary in order to locate the Firefly/tripod a safe distance away from the motorcycle.

race gate cable

The Firefly IR Detector

The Firefly IR Detector is a hand-held testing unit that gives a go-no go indication of the IR Transmitter. In other words, the IR Detector checks to see if the light energy coming from the IR Transmitter is great enough to be successfully detected by the VIP. The normal method for setting up the IR Transmitter is as follows: Locate the IR Transmitter at the desired track-side position and switch the power button to the "on" position. Walk to a point on the track where the bike will normally pass. Press and hold the IR Detector "on" button and point it towards the IR Transmitter. A steady green light on the IR Detector indicates the IR Transmitter is emitting ample power for the VIP to detect.

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